Reward of seva


This is about an incident two years before Niruma met Dada. Her mother had been suffering from diabetes and was not keeping well. Six months prior to her passing away, Niruma had a strong internal desire to serve her mother. She served her mother in every way and spent the whole day with her. She would bathe, feed and take care of all her needs. She would also read aloud the Ramayan and Mahabharat to her mother. In this way she served for six months. At the end, her mother was content with the way Niruma served her she blessed Niruma saying, “Phew, now I am at peace. I had a thought that although I have a daughter, I would have to ask my daughter-in-law to look after me? ...but you have served me well and satisfied me.”

      Niruma always said that I earned my mother's blessings by serving her heartily, which is the reason why I met such a great 'Gnani' like Dada Bhagwan, and was fortunate enough to serve him and stay with him for twenty continuous years. Dada was 60 years old at that time. Thus, Niruma felt that, “If I serve Dada well, then Dada will be able to spread 'Gnan' throughout the world. This 'Gnan' should reach every corner of the world.” In this way Niruma surrendered herself to serving Dada.