Is stealing good?

Sanya couldn’t take her eyes off Dhara’s stamp collection. Sanya-I wish I had a similar stamp book.

It was break.She couldn’t stop thinking about the stamps. Sanya-I’ll be right back after drinking some water!

After drinking water, Sanya came back instead of joining her friends. Sanya–Wow! The class is empty!

She went near Dhara’s bench,tore pages from the book. Sanya-She won’t even know that the pages are missing.

Just then,she heard the sound of footsteps. She broke into a sweat and quickly went to her friends, outside.

After the break,everyone returned to the class. Dhara-Where have my stamps gone?I had left them right here.

Dhara-Madam,my stamps are missing.I had left them right here on my bench. Now,Sanya began to feel frightened.

Teacher-Listen everyone,Dhara’s stamps have been stolen.Does anyone know about this? No one replied.

Teacher-Whoever has taken the stamps,return them.Else,I’ll check your bags. Sanya hid them in her pocket.

Ma’am checked all the bags.When Sanya’s bag was being checked, Sanya-I don’t know anything about the stamps.

It seems like madam is suspicious of me. What if the sound of footsteps that I heard was hers?

Sanya could hardly sleep that night. Sanya-What if someone finds out?What if I am expelled from school?

She dreamt that there were many thefts in school and she was being accused for all of them.

Sanya-I want to tell madam the truth.

The next day,Sanya tearfully returned the stamps to madam and confessed everything to her.

Sanya-From the moment I stole,I felt burdened that, 'I have committed a sin.' I won’t repeat this again.

Teacher-Don’t worry at all. I shall never let anyone know where the stamps were found.

After admitting the truth, Sanya felt relieved. From that day onwards, she forgot to steal!