Pure Love

Tulsi was a young girl popular in school, her neighbourhood and with everyone she knew. She was raised with a lot of love and affection, and she also reciprocated this love. Her parents tried their best to fulfil all her wishes, and always wanted the best for her. 

With Tulsi's birthday approaching, her parents decided to give her the video game that Tulsi had been longing for. Tulsi was overjoyed, she thanked her parents and considered herself to be very lucky.

As soon as Tulsi would come back from school, Tulsi would fling her bag in one corner of the room and immediately sit down to play with her mother's mobile. It was all she could think about, ‘When will I be able to go home? When will class end? I can’t wait to play the mobile game’. 

Eventually this started affecting her performance at school. Her mum was aghast to see her test scores, Tulsi had always been a good student. Taking matters into her own hands Tulsi's mother took back her mobile, warning Tulsi that she will only get it back only after her exams.

Tulsi, enraged, stomped off to her room and flung her textbook across the room. In doing so, the photo frame on her bedside table was knocked over and her favourite family picture broke. This only added fuel to the fire, she locked herself up in her room and refused to eat dinner.  

Tulsi woke up earlier than usual, she was hungry, her eyes were swollen as she had been crying the whole night and she was grumpy. She thought, "Mum took the mobile. I’m not going to talk to her, I am going to show her that I am still hurt." She left for school without having breakfast or saying goodbye to her parents.

To her surprise, as Tulsi approached the bus stop she saw her mum waiting smiling from ear to ear. She handed Tulsi her lunch box, which Tulsi had forgotten at home, and gave her a big hug. "Have a nice day at school, dear", said Tulsi’s mum. 

Tulsi was quiet and lost in thought during the bus ride. Why had her mum not scolded her for forgetting her lunch box or her behaviour last night? She was perplexed the whole morning, and kept thinking about her mum's reaction. 

Hungry and desperate for lunch, Tulsi quickly opened her lunch box. She found a note sitting on top of the box, which said, "No matter what happens, I will always love you!" Tulsi was overwhelmed with emotion, despite her behaviour last night her mum had forgiven her.

She knew she had to make amends. When she got home, Tulsi went to put her bag down and she found that her mum had replaced the broken photo frame with a new one. She also found the latest edition of Akram Express on the topic Pure Love lying on her study table.

In the magazine, Dadaji has explained that "Pure love is unconditional and that it does not increase or decrease." Tulsi realised that her mum loved her unconditionally. Tulsi did Pratikraman, saying, "Oh God inside my mum, please forgive me for my behaviour.  Please give me the strength to not repeat this mistake again." She got the courage to apologise to her mum and gave her a big hug, saying, "I love you, mum!".