Say 'Goodbye' to FEAR

"Come on toys, it's story time," said Prapti as she started telling the story. "It's a story from a long time ago. There was a tree in a town. It was said that there lived a ghost named Bugi Baba." "Oh friends, now I need to go, I shall complete the story another time." Prapti looked at the clock and ran out.

As soon as Prapti left the room all the toys became 'alive'. Sona excitedly said, "Come friends, time to play." Teddy was sitting with his head hidden behind his hands and legs, "It's night. I am afraid. What if Bugi Baba comes here?" Sona said, "Oh, come on Teddy. That was just a story. There are no ghosts."

Suddenly the lightening thundered. Everyone clung to each other. Clat Clown cried, "Seems like the ghost is giving its entry music!" "Now even I am afraid," Monu Ball shiveringly said. Sona sternly said, "Quiet everyone! What is this? You are all afraid of one lightening before the rain!"

A strong wind started to blow. Monu's attention went to the tree that could be seen from the window, "Why is that tree suddenly moving like this?" Even Teddy saw, "Could it be that Bugi Baba has now come to live in this tree!"

Sona thought, 'This way no one will understand.' She walked towards the window, "I am going to see if Bugi Baba is real!" Teddy caught her hand, "No Sona! Are you mad? What if he harms you?" " I want to know the secret of Bugi Baba. Otherwise every night we will be afraid like this," said Sona firmly.

Suddenly there was a bright light in the room and a fairy appeared. "Sona, you don’t need to go anywhere." Everyone gasped. "Sona, I am pleased with your bravery. I am Star Fairy. I live in the sky and can see your world. The Bugi Baba whom you are so afraid of does not exist. This is just your imagination."

Sona looked at the toys and said, "Yes correct! It's your fear that's disturbing you." "Yes", said the Star Fairy, "There are no ghosts. The spirits live in their own world. If we do not trouble them then they do not come to trouble us. Have you troubled anyone?" Star Fairy asked everyone. Everyone said 'No'.

"Then why should you be scared? I have come on earth to give the message that, you should let go of your fear and live in peace. We are here to protect you." Saying that, Star Fairy waved her magic wand over everyone. From it gold coloured glitter filled the air.

Monu said, "Despite knowing this, as night falls, I sometimes feel afraid." Star Fairy patted his head, "At that time close your eyes and remember God. He is with you and is most powerful. He will not let anything happen to you." All the toys became relaxed and joyous. With a bright light Star Fairy left.

With the first light it was morning. Soon after, Prapti came to her toy room. "Come friends, let's finish the story." Taking a book in her hand, "....and then, one day, what happened? A brave boy came to the town and said, "There are no ghosts! Friends, you are afraid for no reason! I will reveal all."

And he climbed the tree, came down and said, "See I am alright. There is no Bugi Baba! you can play here without fear." Everyone was happy. The children found a new place to play. "See toys, the benefits of being brave and facing your fears?" With that Prapti closed the book, gathered and hugged all the toys.