Importance of a Guru in life


Who is our ideal in school? Our teachers, right? Our mum is our first teacher and thereafter, we have different teachers in different grades at school. Friends, do you know about the importance of a guru or a teacher in our life? Let’s find out…


Materials Required

  • Clean paper clips
  • Tissue paper
  • A bowl of water
  • Two pencils with round ends
  • facebook
  • whatsapp
  • email



Take a bowl and fill it with water up to two-thirds its capacity. Drop a paper clip into it and observe what happens.



Now remove the paper clip from the bowl. And tear a piece of tissue paper three times bigger than the size of the paper clip.



Drop the tissue gently onto the surface of the water so that it floats on the top. Place a paper clip gently onto the tissue paper without touching the water or the tissue.



Use the round ends of the pencils to push the tissue down towards the bottom without hitting the paper clip.



Observe the paper clip.

experiment result


The paper clip immediately sunk when dropped in water. However, with the use of tissues, the paper clip was able to float on the surface of the water.


Akram Science says...

Suppose that the paper clip represents people.

The surface of the water represents world

The tissues represent gurus or teachers.

A teacher or a guru is important to stay afloat and progress ahead in our life. What happens when one does not have one? It is easy to sink down, just like the paper clip, in the experiment. Hence, if one has the guidance of a teacher or a guru, it is easier to sail through and move ahead in our life.

dada's science


1) What are the ways in which one can get lost (sink down like the clip) if one doesn’t have a guru or guide in his life?
2) What is the role of a teacher or a Guru (can be in the form of parents, teachers, friends etc) in one’s life?
3) What can one do attain the grace of one’s guru?
Bravo Akram Scientist! Your right understanding is highly appreciated!