Guru Shishya

Jai Satchitanand Friends,

Guru-shishya (teacher-disciple) relationship is among the oldest ones in India. It is a relationship in which, after surrendering to the guru, the disciple remains sincere to him for the rest of his life. 

A Guru is a guru, whether he is of a school or of any religion. A guru is necessary everywhere, at every step.

How to find a Guru?

Dadashri says that you should appoint someone as your guru, and ask him to show you the right path! It’s fine even if you make any one person your guru. If that person is older to you, looks after you and if you feel that, “my heart feels pacified here,” then settle there and make that person your guru. If that person is elder to you, then he/she will definitely take you to a higher place.

An ideal disciple-

• Follows his Guru’s instructions and teachings
• Does not see any faults of his guru
• Would never lose faith in him
• Never questions and goes against his guru
• Remains with sincerity (aadhinta) and perfect humility (param vinay)

Gurus (teachers) are like our ladders-

According to Dadashri, if we cut (criticize) the ladder that we are using to climb, then how will we be able to progress?
So friends, our teachers are like our ladders. If we see faults in our teachers, we won’t be able to progress in our life!


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