Behaving Heartily

Often we hear people say, “She thinks about everyone” or “She’s so good at heart”. Have you ever thought what does ‘heart’ mean here? It is not the fist-sized thing pumping blood around the body but having behavior that is filled with pure love!

And behaving “heartily” means to have heart, to be sympathetic to the feelings of others. A “Hearty” person would wish for even his enemy’s suffering to end.

How to become ‘Heartily’


1) Appreciate the hearty person’s behavior


2) By being in touch with saints (virtuous people), religious discourses or by observing the Gnani.  

3) Always think of others before yourself

And do you know what? Thoughts, words and actions from heart will make you God-like! You will progress on the spiritual path! So let’s try to behave heartily with whomsoever we meet at school, home or anywhere else.