Pure love

Do you know what love is? We all say that we love our parents and siblings - but how long does that last for? What happens when mum does not make you your favourite meal? When dad does not buy you the game that you want? When your little brother misplaces your favourite pen? When your sister gets the book that you really want to read?

Should our love last only until our wishes and demands are fulfilled? Can this be called love? Let us understanding the meaning of true love…

Dadaji has defined real love as that which does not increase or decrease. Love associated with expectation cannot be called real love.

 Ways in which you can ensure real love are:

• Love should remain the same for each and every person in this world - it should be constant. The flow of love remains the same for the person who insults you very badly and for the person who praises you.
• Do not see faults in others.
• Do not have expectations e.g. you heard that your close friend is having a party, but then you are not invited so you stop speaking with your friend.
• Do not be selfish - share what you have with others.
• Do not discriminate - have a feeling of 'yours - mine'.

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A young boy asks his older sister, "Didi, what is love?" She answers, "Everyday you take the chocolate from my bag without asking me. I know this and yet, everyday I make sure that there is some chocolate in my bag. This is love."

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To develop real love, ask for forgiveness for all your mistakes. When you see faults in others, remind yourself that the other person is not at fault - I saw the mistake, so it is my fault. This way differences will not arise, and you will be able to become an embodiment of real love (prem swaroop). 

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