Jai Sat Chit Anand Friends!

Do you have dreams? Do these dreams scare you or make you happy? Why do we have dreams? What is the reason behind it? The science of 'dreams' is deep and mysterious. Many scientists have been conducting experiments to solve the mystery behind dreams. However, it is not ascertained yet.

Let us explore the world of dreams and science behind them from Gnani's point of view.

What are Dreams?

Dreams are our karmas (deeds). They are the collection of countless life cycles. 

 Types of dreams

Dreams can be classified as follows:-

Causes behind Dreams

Dadashri explains that the happenings in our lives that we see with our open eyes are the matured fruits (fully grown) of our past deeds. However, dreams are the immature fruits (not fully grown) of our past merit and demerit karmas and have a much lighter effect on us.
Both are the results (effects of karmas) but because the ego is inactive, no new karmas (new causes) are bound in dreams.

So friends… next time you have a dream, you will be able to distinguish the "type" of dream you had and at the same time do pratikraman for the mistakes committed during that dream.