Negativity to Positivity

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Let's know the Negative...
We all know that there is tremendous happiness in being positive and unhappiness in being negative. But we still make the mistake of being negative while we encounter certain circumstances in our life. This makes us lose our confidence.

Negativity can be of three types:


Disadvantages of being negative:

1.Negativity leads to waste of time.
2.It causes confusion and misunderstanding.
3.It prevents us from being happy.
4.It causes rift between people.
5.People have actually been ruined due to their negative attitude.

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Power of Positivity...
As a solution to get rid of negative Dadaji states,
Instead of wasting so much time trying to break the negative, why not automatically join the positive right away?

Beat the negative through positive...

1.Always have confidence on self:
Dadashri says all the strengths already lie within us, but if one says, "I will not be able to do this," then it will be so.
Dadashri also says, "As you imagine, so will you be." When you yourself say, "My health is good," then you will feel better. Likewise if you say, "I am not feeling well," then you will feel worse. So you will become as you imagine.
E.g: I am sure that I shall attain my goal; I am content with all that I have etc.

2.Positive Vision of the Vitarags:
Dadashri gives us an example of the positive vision of the 'Vitarags'.
Once a man approached Lord Mahavir saying, "Sir, I lost one hand", the Lord would answer, "No, you have one more hand and two legs. You are very fortunate." That person went back feeling happy and contented.
Later, the person returned to say "Sir, I lost both my hands," then Lord replied, "You have two legs and two eyes, don't you?"
When he lost his eyesight, the Lord said "You still have ears and a tongue."
So a vitarag's vision does not count losses, rather His vision is always on what profit still remains.

3.Prayer to God:
When we speak negatively of a person on the wrong path, we are not helping in any way. So the positive solution would be to pray God to give the person correct understanding and steer him/her onto the right path.


Benefits of remaining Positive:
1.Positive thinking boosts our confidence.
2.It gives us peace of mind.
3.It strengthens our relations with people.
4.It helps to break our obstacles for achieving anything.
5.It enhances our physical health as well!

 All in all, by speaking negatively about a good thing, it will get ruined, and by speaking positively about a bad thing, it will improve. Hence we should always speak positively. Our dictionary should not have any negatives.

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