Should We Hurt Others?

Jai Satchitanand friends!

In the course of our daily routine, we often hurt others through our mind, speech or action. Sometimes this happens unknowlingly, but quite often we do it because we think it is right to hurt others because we feel hurt by them. Although we are aware that it is wrong we are unable to prevent it. Isn't it?

Do you want to know the risks associated with hurting others? Come…let us understand!

How do we hurt others?
• Through mind
• Through speech
• Through body


Why do we hurt others?

We hurt others because of our:

• Anger - by getting annoyed and upset with others
• Pride - by belittling others
• Deceit - by cheating others
• Greed - the desire that I should receive more than others

Consequences of Hurting Others

• By giving unhappiness to others, we also get unhappiness.
• We bind demerit karmas.
• The person who gets hurt will bind revenge with us.
• We will get a lower life form in our next birth.

On one hand, we devoutly pray to God and on the other hand we hurt those very beings in whom God resides. God resides in every living being, so who will you hurt?

A solution to turn back

Ask for forgiveness by saying the prayer below...


"Oh Inner Pure Soul, I ask for forgiveness from the Lord within all those whom I hurt knowingly or unknowingly through my mind, body or speech in the course of this day. I wholeheartedly repent. Please grant me the strength not to repeat these mistakes again."

So friends let's resolve not to hurt our parents, teachers, friends and people around us.


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