Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you thought that the easy way out would be to be dishonest? Does honesty mean that I should not lie? Let us understand the meaning of honesty and the consequences of being dishonest.

If you open up any dictionary and look up the word 'Honesty', you will see that it means to be free from deceit or fraud. It also means to be truthful, sincere and frank. 

Dadaji says that-

Honesty is the biggest of all religions.

• Honesty (pramanikta) means to not allow anything that is not rightfully yours to enter your  house. We are free to enjoy anything that is rightfully ours. 

• When you give something that is yours to someone, it is dev-dharma (religion of the divine).  However, when you do not take something that is not rightfully yours - that is humanity. 

 Consequences of Dishonesty

Dishonest people, e.g. those who are corrupt or swindle others, and those who enjoy what is not theirs, are reborn as animals in the next life.



Do not despair, there is a way to turn things around.  Dadaji says-

•When you find it difficult to remain honest, do pratikraman for any dishonest action-and repent wholeheartedly.

•Where you have not had a choice in being dishonest, confess this to whichever God you believe in by chanting this prayer-, "I am very sorry for this mistake. Please give me the strength not to repeat this mistake."

Honesty 2

 Let us all decide to cultivate this great virtue of honesty and live a fearless life.

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