Consequences of Lying

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Have you lied anytime in your life? Who must not have had the experience of lying? When your mum asks you, "Why did you get late returning from school?" you may reply, "I was doing my homework." instead of actually saying, "I was chatting with my friends." This happens so many times. Do you feel that there are many times when you end up lying even if you do not want to? Have you ever been caught lying?

Why does someone lie? Dadashri says that a person lies out of

1) A hidden fear of what people might say to him or

2) Out of his greed to gain something (for his own selfish motives)

Gradually lying becomes a habit.

consequences of lying

Dadashri says that it is actually the intent to lie than telling a lie that a person has which binds karma. When a person lies today, he will get the fruit of those karmas in the next birth.Therefore, you should never keep the intent to lie.

Some of the consequences of lying are:

1) You will lose the trust of people and when you lose the trust of others, you lose your value as a person. Nobody will believe you.

2) If someone lies to you and you find out, you will be hurt. So, you should understand that in the same token if you tell a lie, it hurts others.

3) You may have to say more lies to cover up one lie.

4) When you lie, you feel a sense of uneasiness and dread at being caught.

5) When a person lies for his selfish motives, the result is rebirth in the animal kingdom

6) Lying has been the cause of being born dumb. All this is a punishment.

7) If you lie while merit karmas are unfolding then you may not be caught, but you will receive punishment for it in your next birth. In the subsequent birth, even if you speak the truth, you will be blamed for lying, hence causing you a lot of suffering.

Become free from the habit of lying…

1) If you happen to lie, and you realize that you have lied, then you must resolve that, "From now onwards, I will not tell a lie. To tell a lie is a great sin. It is wrong. It causes great suffering and bondage." You are of the opinion that you should not be lying. Since you no longer have the opinion that it is acceptable to lie, your responsibility ends.So, change your opinion about lying.

2) In addition, as soon as you realize that you have lied, you must immediately ask for forgiveness from 'Dada', "Dada, I don't want to lie and yet I did. Please forgive me. Bestow on me such strength that I may never lie."

A person who has got into the habit of lying should also get into the habit of asking for forgiveness at the same time then he will not be held responsible. Therefore, ask for forgiveness in your mind as many times as you happen to lie.

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