Dangers Of Teasing

Jai Satchitanand Friends!

We always tease someone or the other and derive pleasure from it.  We do this just to have fun and don’t even realise if someone is getting hurt. We are so much engrossed in deriving pleasure that we forget that there’s a God within the person.

Teasings others is a misuse of one’s intellect!

Have you ever teased your friends at home or at school for example by calling them names like donkey, monkey, fool etc? If you have teased,  then this is the time that you need to become aware of its consequences.


Risks of Teasing

1) Dadashri says if you make fun of anybody, then the God within takes note of it and then will beckon you to settle the account.

2) All these hospitals have arisen because of teasing others. All these people who suffer deformities of legs and other body parts are a result of teasing others.

Dangers -2

How to turn back

If you have ever committed such a grave mistake as teasing, then you can wipe it by doing Pratikraman. It will suffice even if you say, “Dada! With you as my witness, I apologize for hurting people with my speech.”

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